Fashion and Religion – Can They Mix?


Is there place for fashion in religion? This question cannot be answered simply because different religions look at it differently. Of course there are various guidelines on dress code even within each religion but it’s obvious that some religions take it more seriously than others. Take for example Muslims and Islam. It is compulsory for Muslim Women to wear the Hijab or the head covering but different countries have their own rules about how to wear it. Some may style the Hijab in a more colourful and attractive way like in Indonesia while others prefer black like in the middle east. Some prefer more modern looks, (mixed with cultural influence like the turban Style Hjiab Head covering) while others live with a more traditional chador or niqab.

Lately more and more women have been combining their love of fashion with their faith because they refuse to accept that it is either one or the other. Sites like a jewish fashion blog,, a muslim fashion blog, have been popping up all over the web.

Even Huffington Post did an article on Fashionable Muslim Bloggers on their website. 

But back to our main point. For Christians, there should be a form of guideline to follow when attending church.

Everybody knows that church is a sacred place for people to make their pray. They praise God, sing, and want to be blessed in this place. But, can it go well with fashion? This question can easily be answered. Many people, even from years ago have used the same outfit for the church choir. They design the outfit to make it nice and polite.

For people going to the church to have their pray, dress codes for going to church have been improving a lot. Beginning from the choice of the fabric, color, and the design, people have been choosing nice clothes to go to the church. It is still polite, simple, yet so elegant.

If you are headed to church and not too sure what your next outfit would be you should take a look at some of these Christian fashion websites.

Some websites for Christian fashion inspiration include Downtown Demure and Couture for Christ

Some simple rules for your church outfits

  1. Watch your hemline

To make you look beautiful yet still keep the ‘polite rule’, do not wear dress or skirt above your knee. Your bare legs will be exposed and people can see it right away. They will not concentrate on their prayers if you wear short skirt. It is better to not try to attract the attention when you are in a church.

  1. “Peek a boo – I see you.”

There are some T-shirts or shirts that are translucent or transparent . Your bra is seen when you wear transparent outfits. It might be good for music video or to go to the club, but it will be impolite to wear it in a church. So, make sure to not wear transparent clothes when you go to church. Your underwear should remain ‘under’ and not be exposed.

  1. Colour coding.

If you do not wear a dress, it is better to have black pants. Colorful pants like red or blue will look inappropriate when go to a church. Make sure they are not too tight and no too thin. Keep it simple yet still conservative to give polite look for your overall performance.

  1. Shoes Shoes Shoes

Wear flat shoes or high heels when you go to the church. It is a sacred place and not a place to go exercise or hangout, so make sure you do not wear sneakers. If you like to have comfortable shoes, just wear your flat shoes that match your outfit and you are ready to go.

  1. Certain rules

If you are representing your faith when going to another religious institutions, you might want to do research on what is polite to wear there. Remember that you represent your faith and should always try to make a good impression.

Some faiths or regions may have certain rules, like wearing white head cover or other rules. You may need to follow those rules as they are important in certain places.

So, with the rules above, can you still look fashionable going to church? Off course! There are many great ideas of fashion that you can try for dress codes for going to church.

Fashionable Outfits for Going to Church

Having those rules in mind, here are some inspirations of the outfit for you going to church:

  1. Elegant dress

Your dress may have short sleeves but it needs to be below your knee. The key to make it fashionable is choosing the right pattern. You can try to have floral for your dress and it will look beautiful. You can also choose no pattern but play with the color choice, like pink or soft purple. With the right choice of color, your performance will look elegant. Try to have smaller belt if you need it as the accessories. Try to have flowery earrings and flat shoes to complete the look.

  1. Skirt and Long shirt

Choose the skirt below your knee. It is better to choose white or soft color to make your performance look soft. For the shirt, try to have long sleeves so you will look conservative. The design for your shirt is the key point for this fashion. Try to not choose just any plain shirt and play with the design to give variation for your look. Having high heels will be perfect to complete your look.

  1. Long black pants and blouse

Black pants will be perfect to any kind of topper. But to make it fashionable for your dress codes for going to church, you will need a nice blouse. You can choose any color for the blouse since you already have black pants. Choose V line for the neck but make sure it is not too low and still cover your breast. Certain motive along the v line will be perfect for your pick.

There are still many more dress codes for going to church for your fashion in church. They are polite yet you look really beautiful in your outfit. No need to hide your fashion sense to go to the church. You can express your taste in fashion but still give polite look or everyone around.

Shopping? You might want to take a look at websites like and for that perfect outfit.

So is there place for fashion in religion? We’ll let you decide.


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